Best Color Schemes To Decorate Your Christmas Tree This Year

If you haven’t decorated your Christmas tree yet, don’t wait too much time because Christmas is almost here. For those that haven’t decorated their homes yet, we have made a selection of the best color schemes that you can use to decorate your Christmas tree and the whole home too. If you want to create a traditional Christmas atmosphere with some modern and sophisticated elements, we invite you to follow these color schemes that we have selected for you in the article below.

1. Blooming design

The best choice to decorate the Christmas tree is definitely the red and green color combination. The traditional green Christmas tree decorated with red Christmas ornaments will return you to your childhood and all the traditional celebrations from that time.

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2. Blue and purple Christmas color scheme

Nowadays a lot of families dare to use more vibrant and bold colors to their Christmas décor. If you belong to that group of families we recommend this rococo inspired Christmas decorating color scheme with blue and purple shades.

christmas tree themes  source

3. Bring Out the Color

Metallic gold or silver is a total hit this winter, so why don’t you choose any of these two colors to decorate your Christmas tree. Or even more, you can buy a Christmas tree colored in any of these two colors and decorate it with some red or blue Christmas ornaments.

unique christmas tree decorations  source

4. Green, blue, and silver color scheme

If you are interested in having some sophisticated Christmas decoration this year then you shouldn’t think twice and pick green, bright blue, and silver. This color scheme will create an amazing Christmas atmosphere that will express your high taste when decorating is in question.

christmas color themes  source

5. Green, white and brown color scheme

This winter is so modern to use some earth themes and color combinations to decorate your home for Christmas. Green, white and brown can be a perfect color choice if you want to give your Christmas living room a more natural look.

christmas tree colour scheme source

6. Multicolor festive Christmas color scheme

If you like color, color, and more color these colorful Christmas schemes are perfect for your Christmas decoration. Christmas ornaments in different colors, or even a Christmas tree that is not a traditional Christmas tree, but instead an alternative Christmas tree constructed from colorful Christmas ornaments can be so creative choice for different Christmas celebrations.

christmas colors palette  source

7. Ombre color scheme 

Do you remember the famous ombre that everybody used to fall in love with? Why don’t you choose such a color scheme for your Christmas tree décor? A Christmas tree decorated in tones of one color that gradually shade into each other from light to dark can be such an original idea that everybody will adore.

best christmas tree color schemes source

8. Silver and  pink color scheme 

If you are interested in giving your home a vintage look during the Christmas holidays then you should definitely choose silver and galvanized metallic, or some pink items to decorate your Christmas tree. It will give your home a new and modern look and your Christmas euphoria will get the highest levels.

christmas tree ideas color schemes  source

9. Rainbow color scheme 

Rainbow in winter? Sounds crazy? Well, it is not. This Christmas you can have your own rainbow by decorating your Christmas tree with multicolor ornaments combined such a way they make a rainbow color combination. For a colorful and magical Christmas, don’t miss these color schemes.


10. Silver and gold color scheme

Insert some sophistication and luxury in your home with this silver and gold color scheme that will produce a sparkle effect to your whole home. gold and silver are the colors of royalty so if you want to feel your home royal we advise you to decorate it in these two colors.

christmas tree ornament color schemes source

11. Turquoise and orange color scheme

Do you dare to combine contrast colors in your everyday outfits? If not, then at least dare to combine contrast colors such as orange and turquoise to give your Christmas décor a unique look. These two colors have the power to make your home shine in a so special way. Don’t miss that chance.

christmas colors 2020  source

12. White and brown color scheme

White is definitely the color of winter. So if you want to have at home the atmosphere of the winter outside then why don’t you use white and some brown shade to decorate your home for this Christmas. Create a snowy white atmosphere that you will enjoy spending time in.

white Christmas tree source

Isn’t each of these Christmas tree color schemes special in its own way? The ways in which you can decorate your Christmas trees are truly endless, so take a look around you and your home and find the design that will be the best fit. I have a few ideas on my mind already and I can’t wait to recreate them. The color schemes can be really helpful when deciding on one, can’t they?

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