Creative Christmas Inspired Healthy Fruit Breakfast Ideas To Surprise Your Kids On Christmas Morning

It is the most beautiful time of the year. Christmas is about to come in few weeks and the festive spirit is everywhere around us. If you have already decorated your home for the holiday, then you should start to think of what delicious to prepare for the holiday celebration. As the day start with a breakfast, and your kids are those that most enjoy the holiday, here we are sharing with you some creative fruit Christmas breakfast ideas to surprise them with on the morning of the biggest holiday.  Keep the healthy habits and the festive spirit by preparing them a plate of fruits decorated in the symbols of Christmas. Your kids will be amazed.

1.Christmas Apple and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

The needed ingredients for preparing this recipe are the following: 1 Apple and 2 tbsp Peanut Butter. First cut the apples in a circle. Arrange a row of apples and sprinkle with peanut butter on them. Put a butter circle on the apple of the same size as the first. Use Christmas cutters to make it easier to remove the apple core. You can sprinkle with powdered sugar on your wish.


2. String Cheese Snowmen

This recipe requires one pack of string cheese, Sharpies: orange and black, a spool of ribbon to make the scarves a 12 12 12 piece of black card stock for the top hat. All you have to do is remove the cheese and decorate it. To make a hat, take a cardboard and  cut it in the shape of a hat and paint it black. Make a snowman’s nose out of cardboard colored orange.


3. Grinch fruit kabobs

You need a banana, grapes and a few strawberries. Cut the banana into thinner circles. Decorate in a plate in the form of a hat. First put in a stick a grape, then a round of banana and a strawberry, and finally a small piece of banana. Enjoy.


4. Grinch Snack

Get pear, strawberry, whipping cream, banana marshmallows, mini marshmallow, edible ink black pen, toothpick and cupcake lines. First place a strawberry toothpick and a little white whipped cream on top of the strawberry. Put the other side of the strawberry whipped cream and add the pear. Make an eye out of the banana. With the marker, draw the rest of the face.


5. Apple Christmas tree

It takes 2 apples, strawberry, raspberries and salmon. Cut the apples into thinner pieces and arrange them in a tree-shaped plate. And voila your Christmas fruit dessert is done.


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