As a student, you probably need to go far away from home and settle somewhere in an unfamiliar location. You have your other priorities, besides the college paper writing. Your financial situation should also be stable by working part-time either online, for example in one of the online assignment writing help service, but to select the best one, read top essay writing reviews first.

And even if you become comfortable with your housemates, they might not be the companionship you need, given that they may have a different schedule or other priorities.

Thus, most students like to have some kind of pet for the company.

But, what kind of pet would be suitable for students? Here are the best low-maintenance pets you can care for as a student.

  1. Birds

Birds are some of the easy care pets available. They come in various breeds, colors, and personalities. They are also extremely intelligent, with their soothing chirping music, making them a great companion on a lonely night. Plus, they don’t require a lot of attention, so you won’t have to worry about leaving them for the whole day.

Bird food is inexpensive and they can be kept in reasonable-sized cages in a single area so there no mess to worry about. Fun fact, most birds have been bred for human ownership that makes them great pets for students.

  1. Hamsters

Active and adorable pets, hamsters are nocturnal creatures. This means that if you study and work all day long, a hamster might be a great company in the evening hours.

Plus, they are also relatively low maintenance. As a matter of fact, hamsters don’t mind if you’re not home most of the time. They can entertain themselves with tunnels, wheels, and chewing toys. They only need a wire cage with a solid bottom that’s nicely padded with shavings for sleeping the day.

  1. Hermit Crabs

Land hermit crabs are social and inquisitive creatures, making them great exotic pets. In general, they are not aggressive and tolerate handling. But they can still pinch others if scared or threatened.

Hermit crabs love small spaces and don’t need lots of maintenance. For instance, the sand in their cage only needs to be entirely replaced at least 3 times a year. Just make sure you do some weekly poop-scooping for a clean habitat.

They also like composts. So, you can feed them kitchen scraps when you realize you ran out of pelleted foods in the middle of the night. Hermit crabs will eat just about anything.

  1. Rabbit

Probably the most interesting and beautiful creatures in the world, rabbits are most recommended pets for little kids and busy students alike.

Bunnies require no human intervention for long hours and are known to be gentle and sociable in nature with varying personalities— they can be playful and rambunctious or shy and reserved. They have long life spans and are very clean creatures that are odorless if their cages are maintained.

  1. Guinea Pigs

While most people think that guinea pigs and hamsters are alike, they are quite different. For one, guinea pigs are much larger than hamsters, thus they need a larger home.

Therefore, guinea pigs are easier to feed and care for. They are quiet but affectionate and sociable creatures and are much expressive than hamsters. Guinea Pig HQ explains that you only need a 4-square foot hutch, a water sipper and a bowl for food. Not only that, but they are also vegans, so their food doesn’t cost that much, unlike hamsters who need meat in their diet.

  1. Chinchillas

Cute and cuddly, chins tend to make people think of cute little puppies and kittens in a tiny hamster body. And like hamsters, chins are nocturnal animals, so they are the best for day-hardworking students.

Chins do not require much care and maintenance but they do need a fairly large and tall cage with a dust bath in it. You should know that they love dust baths, so you need to be prepared to sweep up and clean the dust on a regular basis.

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