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Traveling is the best way to spend your free time with benefit. The more places you visit, the smarter and more broadminded you become. However, traveling is not the safest hobby. Well, this essay on traveling safely will make you more conscious and careful about certain things. Some people visit dangerous exotic places that stun and fascinate with their natural environment and culture. Others become victims of the cheaters who make their living stealing money and property from tourists. Finally, many tourists do not know how to organize their journey professionally. They can visit suspicious places by mistake or lose their way and property. They can travel with the help of various dubious agencies, which cheat their clients in different ways. How can I travel safely? What should I do to organize my trip rewardingly?
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The foremost decision of every amateur tourist is connected with the choice of his route. If you are an inexperienced tourist, you should visit more or less civilized and well-known places. You can visit big cities with their newsworthy monumental ancient buildings or national parks if you prefer wildlife. If you have decided to visit an exotic country, you should remember about the danger of diseases. Tropical countries are the home of various plants, insects, spiders, and snakes that can cause harm to your health and life. Thus, you ought to prepare for the journey by taking the right pills or mixtures that can help you save your life in case of sudden contamination. Furthermore, you should learn about such factors as the weather and climate of the chosen place. Do not forget to take warm clothes when you visit northern or mountainous places. On the contrary, do not overload your bag with sweaters and coats if you travel to a tropical country.


Should I travel alone or with friends? This question is very disputable and the answer depends on your experience. If you have never traveled intensively, it will be difficult and stressful for you to organize your time and route well. Experienced tourists have their own tricks and solutions to peculiar problems. When you travel with friends, it will be easier for you to cope with any challenges. You have more hands, equipment, and money. Finally, you have a leader of your group who always makes decisions and generates solutions in critical situations.


What about travel agencies? The safest and most boring trips are organized by travel agencies. Your guide creates the entire route and you lose the freedom of actions. Besides, official guides omit many underground captive places that illustrate the total culture and atmosphere of the particular place. Ultimately, the trip organized by an agency costs more whereas you need to pay for excursions, guides, transport, hotels, and dinner. An experienced tourist knows how to choose affordable hostels or hotels, cheap restaurants, and low-cost trains and buses. Furthermore, he is able to visit more places with the help of hitchhiking. However, this method of traveling safely is very debatable and unreliable. You do not know whether you can find a person who will drive you to the required location. Moreover, it is hard to hitchhike in a team. If there are four of you, it is impossible to find a helpful driver. On the other hand, it is dangerous to hitchhike alone inasmuch as you do not know about the driver and his motives anything.


Whenever you stop at a hostel, do not leave your bags and expensive property there. Your neighbors can steal your bag, purse, or camera if you leave these things near your bed. Hotels are more reliable whereas the whole room belongs to you. You do not have to share it with any strangers. Needless to say but hotels are more expensive. Nevertheless, it is better to pay more and keep your luggage in security. What is more, you receive access to a clean bathroom. Hostels offer such conveniences rarely.


Bear in mind that you should possess enough cash to travel safely. There are critical and unpredictable situations that be solved only with the help of money. Sometimes you need to purchase a bus ticket because your train is canceled. Then, you will need to take a taxi if you arrive in the chosen city at night. Public transport rarely works at night. In case you lack cash and you need to exchange currency in a foreign country, make sure to use this peer to peer money exchange service for security and safety.


There are many factors that influence the safety of your journey. You should travel with your friend, avoid suspicious people while hitchhiking and couch-surfing, and possess money in case of any unpredictable situations. At long last, you should plan your route wisely and pay attention to such factors as wildlife and climate of the specific place.

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