Feng Shui Guidelines To Decorate Kid’s Room In Order To Encourage Children Learning

Ancient Chinese people place a big emphasis on educating young people, and thus try to find so many ways to encourage the young people to pay more interest in lifelong learning. According to their old feng shui art of placing, designing and arranging items in the space, there are certain guidelines that must be followed when arranging a kids room if the parents want to encourage their children’s love for learning. In feng shui, each area of your space is connected to a specific area of your life, and the West area is the one that is connected to your children’ well being.  Applying the principles of feng shui in your kid’s room will create a positive energy and interest for studding, and will enhance imagination, learning and self-confidence of your children,  an energy that feng shui calls ”chi’. In order to achieve a “chi” in your children’s room, which means healthier and happier energy that your child will benefit from, you should follow certain guidelines, that will inspire your kids to study more.

Below are some basic feng shui rules that you must keep in mind:

Use Metal feng shui element colors and energy to decorate the children’s room


According to feng shui using restful colors such as light blue or green you can make your kids room a place for restful sleep during the night, but if you want to make it also an area that will encourage learning, then you should paint your children’s room in brighter colors. To strengthen the learning feng shui area, you can use metal feng shui element colors such as white and grey, or Earth element colors such as light yellow and sandy colors. Avoid having Fire feng shui element colors such as red and or purple. While choosing the right carpet and furnishing for your kid’s room, go for a carpet with predominant earthy colors and white or cream furnishings. You should definitely avoid having furnishing in red color, so if you was thinking to buy some red carpet or bed, just leave the idea out.

Create a recognition area in your kid’s room where you will display his or hers artworks

Every child needs to have recognition for a job well done, and according to fenhg shui you should use the West feng shui area to display awards that your kids have gained, papers with good grades, sole letters of recommendations, trophies and ribbons, artworks etc. for a harmony in your kid’s room you should display some happy photos of your child and his or hers loved ones, happy family photos, your child’s favorite characters. The best place to display such a photos is the west wall of the room, and the best way to display them is in metal or white frames. For babies and toddlers rooms it is good to display some safe mirrors too.


Create a studding area where you will place books and school materials

When kids come home from school there should be a place in their room where they will put their books and school materials. To encourage kids love learning and studding you should display books in a visible and accessible for them area. The first thing a child should see when he or she enters the children’s rooms are the bookshelves. Another item that is a must in a children’s room who is in studding ages, is a desk, chair and lamp. Research studies shows that children with studding areas in their rooms have betters grades and better success in school. According feng shui it is best for children to study facing the northeast. To enhance intelligence place a lot of books in the reading area and comfortable seating with a lot of light, so that your children will feel comfortable while reading.


Display maps and other educational artworks to expand your child’s horizons

To encourage the expanded thinking of your child you can display a map of the world, and the best place to display a map is the North, Northeast or West feng shui area of the children’s room. To promote interest in geography and encourage your kid to study you can place a free-standing globe. Another educational artworks even your child’s personal educational artworks can be displayed in this area to create educational energy and harmony in the whole room. Avoid placing scar creatures, pictures depicting violence, dark subjects, sad toys and pictures.


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