Four Steps To Perform A Complete Garage Makeover

If you were to head into your garage right now you would probably have to admit that it would benefit from a complete makeover. There is just something about garages, they become the ultimate dumping ground and there is often not enough space for you to park a car. T is time to do a complete garage makeover.

garage makeove

  1. Plan First

You can’t just start moving things out of the garage. Before you can completely make it over you need to know what you are going to do with it. Are you tidying it to get to your stuff better? Would you like to use the space for a project? Or, perhaps you would like to make some money from your garage. Just take a look at the early bird parking docklands scheme and you will see how you can make money renting your garage as a parking space.

Knowing your end game is important to complete the makeover.

  1. Empty The Clutter

Even if you are going to continue using the garage as storage you will find it is useful to remove the clutter periodically. That means going through everything in the garage and eliminating all the items that are no longer needed. If you have sentimental items it’s a good idea to store them somewhere else, such as the loft or a lockup unit.

With the clutter out you will be able to assess the space properly and start tidying it up.

  1. Floor And Walls

The next step is to paint the walls and seal the floor. Obviously, before you do this you should repair any damage to the surfaces. This will help to ensure they look fantastic when freshly painted.

While doing this check the drains and any other attachments in the garage. You’ll want to ensure they are clear and working properly. It can save you a lot of hassle in the future.

Take the time to prepare these services properly, it will make a difference when you are applying the final coat. A well-prepared surface will look fantastic when coated.

  1. Use the Space

The final stage depends on your intended usage of the space. If it is to be rented out then the garage is ready, you want it looking good and being empty. It is worth checking the door opens and closes smoothly and any lock, if fitted, is easy to use as well as effective.

But, if you are planning on storing things or creating a project in the garage it is time to consider shelving and work counters. What items you want to add will depend on what you want to achieve.

Obviously, the amount of shelving and counters is controlled by the space available and what you need to achieve. But, one thing is certain. The garage will look much better when you are finished and you will be able to find anything and everything that you have put in there, without it all falling on top of you.

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