Give A Second Chance To Your Old Furniture. 13 Super Clever Ideas For Recycling The Furniture.

It seems that the citizens’ awareness for recycling the old furniture is raised up, and not only the companies, stores and charity organizations accept the old furniture to resale and to reuse, but also the people that have an idea for transfiguring and reusing an old item make super new items for the home or the garden. It is clever, useful, cheep, and it often looks super cute.

Even you, we are sure that you probably have some item of furniture, which is broken and you have not thrown yet. It does not have to be broken, maybe is just old fashioned, or maybe is just replaced by new, and so far you had no idea how to transform it.
We selected some ideas, and we are sure that you will be immediately inspired for making some new cozy furniture for home or the garden by recycled items. We encourage you to try and to refresh the current interior or exterior.
Get inspired!

1.DIY Upholstered Ottoman

bl-1 source

2.How to Make A French-Style Bench From Old Chairs

bl-2 source

3.Furniture Makeover: From Country to Chic Console

bl-3 source

4.Old Headboards into a Lovely Bench

bl-4 source

5.Pottery Barn Style Dresser Revival

bl-5 source

6.DIY Subway Tile Table Redo!!

bl-6 source

7.DIY Door Headboard

bl-7 source

8.DIY Drawer Ottoman

bl-8 source

9.DIY Dog Food Station with Storage

bl-9 source

10.How to Build a Desk Out of Cabinets

bl-12 source

11.How to Make a Window Table

bl-13 source

12.How To Spray Paint Dining Chairs

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