Great Hacks That Make Owning A Dog Much Easier

Owning a dog is a great feeling ,you know that dog can be your true loyal friend, who will love you no matter what. It also is a big responsibility you must have enough nerves and free time to have fun and make your dog happy.


Pet parents know that those cute creatures are worth every chewed shoe.
Here are some great tips for your dog parenting, that will make it so much easier.
To remove hair from your clothes you can use a rubber glove, instead of lint roller, also you can remove pet hair from carpet and furniture with a squeegee.
To create a little natural paradise for your dog you can put a grass rug in some part of your apartment. We are sure that in that way your dog will get a feeling like he is in the nature and he will feel more happy and satisfied.
From a recycled tire you can create bed for your dog. By coloring a tire with your favorite color you can make sweet and comfortable bed for your best friend.
On the pictures below you can find more interesting ideas.

1. Dog Who is More Than Ready for the Royal Bath Treatment

bg-1 source

2.DIY Dog Bed From A Recycled Tire!

bg-2 source

3.Dog Food Station with Storage

bg-3 source

4.Pet Umbrella

bg-4 source


bg-5 source

6.Dog Puppy Carrier Travel Backpack Front Net Shoulder Bag

bg-6 source

7. For the dog that’s constantly trying to climb into the front seat: use this zip line harness.

bg-7 source

8.DIY: How to Make an Interactive Feeder or Toy

bg-8 source

9.This special water bowl has a lining that you can place in your freezer, keeping the water cold for a longer period of time.

bg-9 source

10.DIY porch potty

bg-11 source

11.Doggy Cooling Vest

bg-12 source

12.Do you have a bit of dog hair around the house? Well here is a quick and easy way to remove it from upholstery…simply put on a slightly dampened rubber glove and run your hand over the area…the hair will stick to the glove.

bg-13 source

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