Creepy & Cool Halloween Decorations

Halloween is a holiday that is traditionally celebrated by the Catholic population. But with gradual globalization it has become, if nothing else, an occasion for masquerade and fun, almost for the whole world. It’s a popular holiday because the witch aesthetic, ghosts, pumpkins, black cats, and all things “creepy”, are cool Halloween decorations, that aren’t very popular at other times of the year. Therefore, everyone wants to celebrate this holiday, at least for one day.

The beginnings of the Halloween celebration

In many countries of the world, and especially in the United States and Canada, Halloween is awaited with great anticipation and excitement. Homes and shops are decorated with the symbol of the holiday. There are pumpkins carved and cut to resemble a monster’s head, with a lit candle inside. You can see also spider webs, skeletons, skulls and similar decorations. With the approach of the night, before midnight, the children have most fun. In disguise they start knocking on the doors in the neighborhood, in order to “scare” the hosts. In turn, they are obliged to give them various sweets. This year, the most popular are the costumes of female heroines. Wonder Woman, Cat-woman, Star Wars characters, and even a princess, everything is fine.

Cool Halloween decorations for fun and interesting party

From the first cold days of autumn, it is inevitable to think about Halloween night and how we can use our creativity and imagination for the perfect decor. In addition to the very symbolism of this day, Halloween is also associated with the arrival of autumn. It is a perfect opportunity for fun and good mood. We have prepared a series of ideas for you to easily decorate your home for the perfect Halloween night. Especially if you are planning a party for your loved ones or a meeting that is cozy and full of charm.

What is the main Halloween decoration in every party?

A proper Halloween decor is incomplete without a few carved pumpkins. Regardless of whether you decide to buy already carved ones in the store or make them yourself at home, together with your loved ones, carved pumpkins are an important symbol of this event. Carved pumpkins can play a major role in your Halloween decor, or you can just use them as decorative details. You can use those made of artificial materials as baskets for sweets, as imaginative candlesticks or as vases for flowers in the living room.



DIY Skull Craft 2

If The Broom Fits Sign and Bunting 3

Halloween Gallery Wall 4DIY Halloween Spells and Potions Books by Sassy Style Redesign


DIY Halloween Plate Wall from Tatertots and Jello 6

Spooky Spider Egg Sack idea via Flickr 7

“Something Wicked This Way Comes” Sign from Whipperberry 8

Spooky Jars by Rhonna Designs 9

Halloween Pumpkins with Folk Art Designs from Better Homes and Gardens 10

Best Halloween Mantels from Shelterness 11

Webbed Chandelier from Better Homes and Gardens 12

“Keep Dirty Hands Out!” (of the candy!) from Three Pixie Lane 13

Vintage Halloween Pottery Display from Better Homes and Gardens 14

DIY Skull Door Knocker from Momnivore’s Dilemma 15

“Wicked” Halloween Decor from The Diary of Dave’s Wife 16

Halloween Decor Inspiration via Pottery Barn 17

Halloween Mantel by Craftberry Bush 18

Cool Decor with Mod Podge from Whipperberry 19

Haunted Wall Decor Idea via Christmas Traditions 20

Deranged Centerpiece by Martha Stewart

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