How Talking Car & Traffic Signals Will Change Your Driving Experience

New traffic signal controls mean drivers will never get stuck at a red light again. Jaguar Land Rover have recently announced a £20 million research project in the UK which will see vehicle to infrastructure technology (V2X) used to connect vehicles to traffic lights. As a result, drivers won’t ever have to worry about being late for work when driving around in their new car. But, it’s not just a quicker journey that this innovative technology promises to deliver.


Enhanced safety

The number of severe accidents on UK roads decreased by 5% in the period June 2016 to June 2017 in comparison to the previous year. However, this new V2X technology promises to reduce figures even lower. The built in Intersection Collision Warning which Jaguar Land Rover are testing will inform drivers that the junction they are approaching is unsafe to drive through. Additionally, it will also suggest the order in which all vehicles at the junction should proceed. Ultimately, these safety features will provide protection for your vehicle and help to reduce accidents. Although, it is important to note, that vehicle insurance will still be required as this will ensure that you’ve covered for all on and off-road eventualities.

Better health

The average British worker spends the equivalent of 384 days of their lives travelling to and from work, according to This is Money. When you’re stuck inside a car for any period of time, you’re exposed to high levels of pollution. One American study found that the pollution inside a vehicle can be 140 times greater than the pollution outside of it. Meanwhile, additional research claims that spending an hour in a traffic jam exposes individuals to the same amount of pollution that is in 180 cigarettes when passively smoked. Therefore, it’s wise to minimise the amount of time you spend in your set of wheels as much as possible. As this new V2X technology aims to reduce the amount of time drivers sit idle at traffic lights, it will cut the amount of pollution that they’re exposed to and the impact it has on their health.

Securing a parking space just got easier

In the year ending June 2017, the UK government reported a 1.4% increase in motor traffic levels. So, it’s no surprise that British drivers waste 44 hours every year searching for parking spots when there’s so much competition to secure one. Thankfully, Jaguar Land Rover’s new technology has an answer for this problem too. Drivers will receive real-time information on the availability and location of parking spaces, meaning less time and money wasted driving around for a space that doesn’t exist.

The latest technology is helping to make vehicles smarter than ever before. In turn, drivers get to experience a happier and healthier experience on the roads. Therefore, so long as Jaguar’s latest technology is given the green light, British drivers will soon find themselves spending less time cooped up in their cars.

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