How To Build A Fantastic Shoes Organizer: DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Storage

Hey everyone we all have the same problems with the not enough space in our home. Always there is a need for more space when it comes to organize and store the girls shoes.
But when i saw this i try it immediately and it definitely works and save me a lot of time frustrations and space surely. One of the most creative closet storage solutions I have seen – Lazy Susan for shoes and the most interesting is that below you could see a DIY version and step by step instructions in the video.

You will need:
9 pcs 700mm dia x 12mm Plywood Discs
24 pcs 250x150mm 12mm Plywood Standard Dividers
5 pcs 250x500mm 12mm Plywood Tall Dividers (optional)
2 pcs 460x50mm 12mm Plywood – Base length A
3 pcs 436x50mm 12mm Plywood – Base length B
Plywood Offcuts
40 x 1.6mm Nails
PVA Glue
Lazy Susan Mechanisms
2-part Epoxy Glue

Here is the video tutorial

 via Better Homes and Gardens

And Here Are A Few Examples Of The Final Product

Lazy-Susan-Shoe-Storage-Examples-01sourceLazy-Susan-Shoe-Storage-Examples-05source Lazy-Susan-Shoe-Storage-Examples-10source Lazy-Susan-Shoe-Storage-Examples-03source Lazy-Susan-Shoe-Storage-Examples-07source

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