How To Recognize If The Water You Drink Is Safe Enough?

There is no life without water. But, are you sure that the water you drink everyday is safe enough? If you have felt some unpleasant odor, or have notices brown color of the water you drink, then believe us, that water in definitely not safe for you to drink. How to recognize if the water you are drinking is contaminated and not safe for you? Here are some of the signs you can recognize when the water is unclean. Read them in order to prevent drinking contaminated water in future.

Is Cloudiness a good or a bad sign?

It is definitely a bad sign. The water you drink should always be clear with no cloudiness. If it has white color, looking like someone has mixed milk and water, then that can be a sign that the water contains chemicals and bacteria. Although, cloudiness not always must mean dangerous, because sometimes the white color can come from the high levels of calcium and magnesium the water contains in it.


Water Shouldn’t Leave a Slimy Film on Your Skin

This is another sign of unsafe water. If you feel slimy film on your hands and body after washing them, then this could be a sign of bacteria, that can give the water an unpleasant smell and taste, and that can leave slimy orange or brown rings around your faucets and fixtures.

What is The Color of the Water?                                                                         

Water has no color. If you notice that the water you drink gets yellow, orange or brown color, then that is a bad sign and you must stop drinking that water. These colors of the water can be a result of chromium-6 contamination which can be very dangerous for your health.

Water with an Odor

Water hasn’t odor too. So, if you feel like your water smells like bleach, which means that it contains high level of chlorine and that is not really safe water to drink.


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