How to take beautiful photos on your phone?

Today, many people take pictures on their phones simply because it is always at hand, and you do not need to take a camera with you specifically.

But if you are going on a trip and want to capture various sights and interesting moments of your trip, then you want the photo to be beautiful. A reflex camera is best suited for this, but it’s not cheap, it weighs a lot, and it takes up a lot of space.

For these and other reasons, people continue to take pictures on their smartphones, but photos are not always good. In this article we’re going to explain what to do to improve the quality of pictures so that photos from the phone are colorful and interesting.

Here are some tips from the creator of several original Instagram filters, Cole Rise:

1. Find out more about your phone’s features.

It is not very important whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone; you should “get to know” your camera. Click on the “Settings” button and view all the camera options.

Each phone has different options, but some are on each device. For example, HDR is a feature that can help improve the quality of a photo using various settings.

If you take several identical photos, but with different exposures, then HDR will instantly combine all the options into one. As a result, you get an improved photo: bright places will become brighter, dark ones will become darker, and little things that you did not notice will suddenly appear.

2. Try to think outside of the photo.

It’s very simple to take the phone, look at its screen and take a photo.

But try building an image outside the focus point. Try to make sure that the details surrounding the main element of the photo also play a role.

Rise advises building a story in photography. A photograph in itself is a story, but it should tell something interesting.

3. Use the right applications

The default application for the camera in your smartphone, of course, will allow you to take photos without problems, but it will not give you all the options for improving images, unlike applications in the app store. You can find thousands of photo apps in it.

Also, posting photos on Instagram, for example, you automatically get many options for visual image enhancement.

If you want to go up a level, you can use applications such as VSCO or Snapseed which will turn your photos into small works of art. Besides, when you post your photos to Instagram, you can buy 50 Instagram followers to show your work of art to more people.

4. Go against the rules

There is an instruction in any application on how to use it in such a way as to improve a photo, but this does not mean that you are attached to these rules. Creating something new that runs counter to certain instructions can ultimately work in your favor.

“I like to abuse tools. I think one of the ways to success is through the misuse of some things,” Rise says. He believes that it is worth being as creative as possible.

5. Look for unusual angles

Anyone can point the camera at something or someone and take a picture. But, to make sure that you took a good photo, you should look for new, unique angles.

Rise said that once he was allowed to come close to one plane to take a photo. He decided to shoot the plane from below, which allowed him to create a very memorable photo.

The main thing is to look at the world differently.

6. Do not overdo it with filters

The popularity of Instagram finally put an end to fashion on “untouched” photos, and now it is almost impossible to find an image that would not have been improved with a particular filter.

However, the specialist who created some of the most popular filters for Instagram says that you should not go too far with them, and you should probably listen to him.

“The photo doesn’t need to be jammed, it needs to be decorated,” Rise says. “The intensity level of one or another filter can be minimized so that its use will be almost imperceptible,” he added.

Rise himself says that in editing photography, he starts by reducing all effects by 50% to see what the photo looks like. After that, he begins to work from there.

7. Share photos dosed

Today, the best photos are determined by the number of likes, comments and the number of users who have shared it.

To prevent the photo from being lost among many other images, and also to prevent it from drowning in a sea of ​​spam, it’s enough to publish 1 or 2 photos a day.

Here are some more helpful tips:

After you have edited the image, set all the settings to 50%. The main thing is that your photo looks as natural as possible. Just edit the photo as you usually do, and then return all settings to 50 percent. To be able to control the intensity of the filters in Instagram, click on one filter, and then click on it again.

Important: try not to use the LUX function on Instagram, as it is designed to correct the lack of contrast, and this, in turn, makes the image less natural.

The original photo can be taken from the car window: Start burst shooting. On the iPhone, you just need to hold down the shutter button and hold it, and on Android smartphones just activate this function in the settings (Burst Mode or Burst Shot). You can also use an application such as Slow Shutter Cam, which creates a blur effect.

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