Incredible: This Bridge Dives Between Denmark And Sweden

This is the most amazing and the most impressive bridge on the world. Truly genius and impressive engineers miracle. The bridge is gigantic, boasting a four-lane highway as well as a railway on two different levels. Denmark and Sweden are separated by a narrow strip of water — the Øresund strait. But this bridge – tunnel is the connecction now.
This first part of the bridge comes to an end on an artificial island in the middle of the strait. The road smoothly disappears under the ground into a tunnel. The unusual design was chosen in order to avoid blocking the path of planes which land at the nearby Copenhagen airport, as well as to allow space for ships to sail across the strait. The award winning double-track bridge opened up to motorists on July, 1, 2000, and has been impressing everyday folk as well as engineers ever since. Take a look below and see this incredible miracle. Enjoy!





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