Innovative and Revolutionary Option, Best Alternative to Parking Your Car: The Multifunctional Gazebox

Hey everyone, looking around the internet we found one really interesting product. A cool innovative and revolutionary car parking alternative that is multifunctional also. These new idea for accommodating automobiles is called the Gazebox it is a carport, garage and gazebo, all in one. The revolutionary foldable system is easy to be installed and also you do not need a special permission for that. Also this innovation has a few brilliant characteristics – special anti UV polycarbonate panels give protection from the sun, hail, rain, wind, ice, pets and birds.The most interesting part is that when the car is away it would be cool plac where you could have a perfect outdoor dinner with your family. The list of its benefits is long :

– Multipurpose Carport, Garage, Gazebo.
• Easy to use.
• Automatic opening.
• Protects from the sun.
• Efficient air flow. Does not retain heat
• Protects from bad weather
• Snow and wind resistant
• Protects from birds and animals.
• Esclusive design made in italy.
• Customizable colors, graphics and more
• Durable framework.
• Excellent value.
• Requires minimal space.
• Aestethically pleasing.
• Further theft protection.
• Makes no water buildups.
• Removable structure.
• Quick anchorage to the ground.
• Independent fan regulation.

Now watch the photos and the short video to see for what exactly we are talking about. Enjoy!







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