Interesting Facts About Pretty Starfish

Are you always impressed when you see pretty starfish? But do you know anything about them? Starfish belong to a group of marine animals called echinoderms and they are not actually fish. Starfish are known as sea stars as well, which is a more logical name for them. Sea stars live in all oceans around the world and the largest population of them can be found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. They are mostly located in the shallow water or on the cold seafloor, they don’t move too much. Sea stars have a specific shape of the body, they have a central disc and five or more arms. That explains why are they called starfish or sea stars since they live in the water and they look like a star.

Amazingly, sea stars have very interesting features which make them special and different from the other marine animals. For example, they have unusual feeding, they eat with their stomach inside-out. Sea stars have eyes on each arm and they don’t see colors, they can reproduce sexually and asexually by regeneration and losing one arm. The most interesting thing about sea stars is that they have no brain nor blood and they cannot survive in freshwater. Starfishes move using their tube feet, which are filled with seawater and they can move quicker than you might expect.

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1. Royal Purple And Orange Starfish

prettiest starfishsource

At the end of each arm these pretty starfish have tons of little feet which helps them to move around much quicker than you think.

2. Crown Of Thorns Starfish

starfish speciessource

3. Blue Sea Star

starfish namessource

Although starfish don’t have blood, brain and a central nervous system, they have eyes. Their eyes are located at the end of their arms. They don’t see colors, but they can see different shades of light which makes it easier for them to move easily in their surroundings, hide from predators and search for food.

4. Asteroidea On The Beach

types of starfishsource

5. Necklace Red Starfish

common starfishsource

They have a small mouth, so they have developed another way to eat food that doesn’t fit in their mouths. They have a stomach that helps them digest their food outside their body.

6. Impressive Blue Starfish

pretty starfish picturessource

7. Granulated Sea Star

beautiful starfishsource

Starfish usually lose their arms when they try to escape or hide from a predator. But their ability to regenerate them is the most fascinating feature ever. They take months even years to regenerate. Did you know that the lost arm can regenerate itself and result into a identical starfish?

8. Pink Short Spined Star

pink starfishsource

9. Small And Big Starfish

big starfish source

Since they don’t have blood in them, the key nutrients are transferred through their body by sea water. In this way their organs function properly and they don’t require a complex blood system.

10. Beautiful Orange Starfish On the Bottom Of The Ocean

orange starfishsource

11. Snake Starfish

snake starfishsource

Did you know that the skin of these pretty starfish is made of calcium carbonate? It’s so tough, that it makes it difficult and almost impossible for hunters to break it. Some spices even have additional spines on their skin as a way to deter predators.

12. Two Small Pink Sea Stars

small starfishsource

As a summary I would like to accent the beauty of these pretty starfish, but I have to tell you that not all starfish come in the shape of a star. There are some special species that are blob-like shaped.

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