Is It Safe To Order Food From Delivery Restaurants During The Corona Virus Outbreak?

The further spreading of the corona virus has closed the schools, cafes, restaurants and grocery stores, some factories… More and more people have to work from home, students don’t go to school, and many people have to stay in self-quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic. With one sentence, the world and life have changed so much that we can’t even recognize it anymore. In these difficult times more and more people, especially those having to work from home, order food from their favorite restaurants or grocery stores to be delivered to their homes.  So online ordering for restaurants became more and more popular and a big need. This is good because you don’t have to cook at home, but there is still the most important question “Is it safe to order food from delivery restaurants during the coronavirus outbreak?


As the most of the restaurants confirm that it is totally safe, because they have set mechanisms for themselves and their employees to follow the measures that are prescribed by the governments and the World Health Organization. They also say that there is small risk of contracting corona virus through food, and many food safety experts confirm that. But, there is still some risk, especially if we consider the hand contact involved in the delivery of food. People get in hand contact with the deliverer, they give him/her money, the deliverer gives them the bill… and here is the risk of getting the corona virus. On the other hand, the most of the restaurants assure that they take common-sense precautions and ask their employees to wash their hands frequently, to wear masks and gloves, or even to practice non-contact food delivery etc. to drop the food at your doorstep so there is no change of hands, and you to pay it with a payment card at the moment of ordering for example.

Many restaurants go even further with the implementation of precaution measures, and they require their deliverers to carry card displaying their temperatures or the temperatures of people who have prepared the food, so that they prove they are safe and sane.

No matter anything, always remember that there is risk everywhere around us and the virus is spreading very fast, so don’t forget to always wash your hands after hand contact with other people, with some hard surface, many times in the day, especially before you eat. And don’t forget that you have to stay at home, so you may have enough time to cook something on your own, that way decreasing the risk of contracting corona virus.


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