It Is A Regular Fork, But With This Amazing Easy Trick You Could Secure Any Door In A Pinch

Have you asked yourself how to be always more secure while you travel around. We have found some incredibly easy DIY project that could help you around securing your doors. So anyway little bit more security will not hurt anyone! In the video below is shown one cool and easy trick that you can use for secure any door in an emergency.
For this trick, all you’ll need is a fork, a vice, a saw and a hammer. In the video he explains also what type of fork you need then takes the fork and puts it inside the door lock after that mark on the fork where the prongs start to show. He then puts the fork in a vice and tightens it up on the mark. He bends the fork at a 90 degree angle. The whole process is so easy to be done. Watch the fabulous video below and enjoy!


via Phil Crockett

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Wei Chao Tee
Wei Chao Tee
9 years ago

how am i suppose keep the door locked when i am outside?

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