Lovely Giant DIY Fluffy Blanket That You’ll Love to Knit Yourself and Snuggle Under

We are sure that you have a favorite blanket that always use it – everyone have it right? The one that you definitely look forward to snuggling with when its cold and it is really important for you because you can’t fall asleep without it.

Maybe it is hard to replace it but searching on the web we definitely found one that looks comfy, fluffy and that will definitely change my favorite blanket. We’re pretty sure that after looking bellow at the article you will change yours too. The giant knitted blanket – lovely and amazing so you will love to snuggle in in those cold days. Enjoy!

First, laid out the wool battling in rows to get the right thickness


Then she created long tubes of wool and tied them down at every foot or so. This allows the wool to be washed in the tub without breaking apart.


She hung the wool out to dry and soon had wool that was ready to knit


 She used long pieces of PVC pipes for knitting needles


The knitting process has begun


This is the end product and looks so amazing and lovely

1source                                                                       via imgur

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