Mini DIY Christmas Trees For Every Corner Of Your Home

Fun and nothing but fun! I love this time of the year that inspire me and make me creative as never. I love Christmas crafts, it gives me a reason plus to hang with my little cousins. This time, I was searching for something that I can do together with my little ones, but at the same time I can use as a home décor. So I found something that is super easy and very chip at the same time.

Create one or many Christmas trees that will enrich some corner, space or some shelf in your living room. Whatever three color you will chose, it can be matched with everything. You can choose white threes made by paper, or you can make quite real trees using pine cones. When the tree base is made, the decorations can be different. See the ideas bellow and steal some of them for completing your home decor.

ea-1 source

ea-8 source

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ea-6 source

ea-7 source

ea-9 source

ea-10 source

ea-11 source

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