She Glues Cotton To A Paper Lantern. When The Lights Are Off? Amazing!

Now we have something really fun and really interesting for all DIY lovers. One unique and very simple DIY project but with stunning result. A homemade cloud light that lights up, glows, and looks amazing graced on a wall or hung from a ceiling.
For this lovely DIY project you will need: cotton batting (found at craft stores), paper lanterns, a wooden dowel, fishing wire or string, a hot glue gun, and battery-powered LED lights. Now while you can use those non-flame candles, LED’s are actually considered safer.
The first step is to expand the paper lanterns while gluing batting to the outside the size lantern is your wish, and as you will see, the video below uses various shapes.
The second step is to tie the string to the wooden dowel and fasten the dowel to the ceiling with screw hooks so it’s nice and secure.
Next you should place clear string on each edge of the lanterns.
Finally, you can pull lights through the cloud base. You can let some hang lower than others.
So easy and cheap but looks amazing isn’t it? So enjoy in the video!


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