Reasons to Choose Complete Jeep Axle Assemblies

Do you spend the weekend driving your jeep on rough terrains while enjoying the bumpy rides? The experience can be awesome accompanied by some driver friends. However, the sharp rocks and the cracks formed due to the pressure of the bounce can actually damage the wrangler axles of your jeep.

You may also experience a death wobble where your steering wheel is moving from one side to the other. The scenario is awkward and you may feel your wrangler falling apart and most significantly, if you let go the steering wheel, your day may turn chaotic.


Complete axle assemblies offer your jeep the best handling and performance. The axle assembly is the primary part that takes the gross weight of your car with your cargo while enduring all the forces on your car while you accelerate and brake.


If you are planning to bomb around deserts and rocky terrains, then the strength of your housing is significant. Complete axle assemblies provide the strength and speed to cruise through rocky and hilly terrains.

It Keeps the Wheels Rolling

When your axle assembly has some problems, you can now roll the wheels of your jeep normally. If your jeep is making those weird grinding noises when shifting gears, then you are in a rude shock. It is common for off-roaders that use roads full of potholes and rocks. Having a complete axle assembly is the best solution for turning back to the road.


If you are looking for the best axle upgrade, then you may choose the Dana axle assembly that is available for both your front and rear replacements. With a 65 inch width and 3.5 diameter axle tubes, the Dana 44 rear assembly is the ideal replacement axle for Jeep owners .In addition to that, it is perfect for those individuals who are developing earlier models of jeeps and seeking for a wider axle to accommodate suspension upgrades.

For instance the following Dana 44 for sale available at

G2 Core 44 Rear Axle Housing – 67-2052TJR

This Dana 44 axle is the latest and the strongest generation 44 gear design and is designed to handle the heavy loads that could usually bend a stock Dana 35. The axle has a distinct adjuster nut system to establish backlash and carrier pre-load. The core 44 has tubing that is resistant to bending eve in the harshest conditions. It is available for $1,799.

Handling Power

The Dana 44 is a very reputable axle. It has the ability to handle the workload of an everyday off-roader with 37”tires. Furthermore, there are wide ranges of upgrades that are available for the Dana 44 axle.


Are you looking for a better and lighter ride, the Dana 44 axle is the most ideal that, majorly on the highway, because the weight is a determining factor for the best spring performance. Besides, it minimizes fuel consumption which is significant for an everyday driver.

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