Rediscover the legendary lost city of the Incas

The lost city of the Incas is the unofficial name given to Machu Picchu, the mountain ridge constructed by the Inca Empire in the 15th- century and located in eastern Peru.

It was forgotten for a while until an American historian Hiram Bingham discovered it and brought the attention of the world to it in 1911. Machu Picchu has been declared a Peruvian historical site since 1981 and a UNESCO world heritage site since 1983.

Since it has become a significant tourist attraction in the world, you also can now rediscover this “lost city of the Incas” anytime you want by participating in the all year round Inca trail hike.

The Inca trail is famous all around as one of the best destination treks in the world by national geographic, and it is a fun 26miles (43 kilometres) trek. The hike is divided into a 4-day trekking experience by tourism organizers Kandoo; Day 1 is an 11km (6.8miles) trek, 12km (7.5miles) for day 2, 16km (10miles) for day three and finally a 4km (2.5miles) for the 4th and final day.

During the Inca hike, you get to see lots of beautiful and ancient architectural sites constructed by the Inca Empire, and it is a fun experience for anyone. The number of hikers has been restricted to 500 persons daily, which means there’s always a rush of hikers queuing for the chance to partake in this trek. so if you are interested in seeing the lost wonders of this beautiful civilization, navigate to this page and book your ticket.

Things to experience in the Machu Picchu Inca trail hike

  1. View of the Sunrise

During the Inca trail hike, you have the chance to view the sunrise. We all love sunrises, don’t we? But most of us are too busy with our everyday lives to take notice of it. Because of the high mountainous nature of Machu Picchu, you have the rare opportunity of being in close proximity to the sky (so to say) as to see the sunrise.

  1. Temple of the sun:

The Temple of the sun, also known as The Torreon, is one of the most famous buildings in Machu Picchu, and you get to see it during the Inca trail hike. It is called the Temple of the sun because it is believed that the Inca Empire used this Temple to observe astronomy in the past. The Inca religion uses astronomy to make much of the decisions they made during their time. So when you visit this Temple you discover much of their religious beliefs and get to learn a lot about the spiritual life of this lost city.

  1. Principal Temple

The principal Temple is another beautiful and exciting place to visit during the hike. It is one of the most significant and famous buildings in Machu Picchu and is a must-visit for hikers. It is located at the sacred plaza and shows the beautiful architectural awareness and sophistication of the Inca masonry and its techniques. This is also believed to be a religious site for the Inca people.

  1. Temple of the Moon and the great cavern

This is a rarely visited site depending on the type and the route of the hike you take, but it is another place you should consider visiting during your Inca trail hike.

  1. The prison group and the Temple of condor

This is located on the eastern side of the site. It is a row of cells located above and below ground, and it is believed to have been used as a prison by the Inca Empire. Beside the row of cells is also the Temple of the condor.

  1. The Inca Drawbridge.

This bridge was constructed by the Inca masonry and can be regarded as an ancient inspiration from which suspended bridges were drawn from. It was built with logs and has been renovated over the years for safety purposes. One of the crucial factors about this drawbridge is the fact that it can be rolled back to restrict access to the central city and was used to keep out unwanted visitors from the Empire. It is a wooden drawbridge supported at the sides by stone walls.


We bet by now you can tell doing the Inca trail hiking at Machu Picchu is one of the most fun things you can ever embark on, and it is, therefore, one you should consider doing in your lifetime. There are way more beautiful and iconic places to visit and things to experience in this lovely and amazing lost city of the Inca that we have not talked about but will leave you to go there and experience yourself. There are reputable websites  where you can book your visit to the Inca trail, and you should do it fast.

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