She Puts Hot Glue On A Clear Marble! What She Is Making? Must Try This!

Dear friend there are a lot of creative things that we can DIY at home. Nowadays upcycling has become one of the favorite ways to turn unwanted items into something better. Every time when you clean around your home think twice before throw away the things. Maybe there is something creative that can be done.
Below you can see clever way how to use the old cds. Using just marbles and an old CD, you can transform these simple items into a gorgeous candle holder. The process is easy check our the tutorial below.

Here is what you will need for this amazing project
— Marbles (approx. 30)
— A blank CD or DVD
— Black Ink Decorative Paper Pack
— Fake tea light candle
— Scissors
— Hot glue gun

1. Gather all your supplies


2. Place the CD on the decorative paper of your choice. Trace a circle around the CD.


3. Cut around the traced circle.


4. Apply hot glue to the CD


5. Quickly apply the decorative paper directly over the top of the CD before the glue dries.


6. One by one, glue the marbles around the outer edge of the CD


7. When you’re finished with the bottom circle, you’ll begin the second row on top.


8. Next, you’ll move onto the third layer, using the same technique


9. Let dry. If needed, reapply glue in areas that seem fragile or loose


10. Insert a faux tea light into the marble candleholder and experience the beautiful glow!


Recommend using flameless candles, which are an electronic alternative to traditional wick candles because they pose less threat of fire hazards.  11source

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