She Throws A Fistful Of Glitter On Her Wet Floor! After 3 Days? Absolutely Amazing!

It’s summertime and this is probably the best time for making home renovations. If you are about changing the floor and if you love to make it by yourself than you would love this idea below. You will see very creative way how to make a glittered floor that looks really fantastic.
The crafty chica is creator of this super cool tutorial. Here is what you will need:

1 garage floor coating kit (found at home improvement stores)
2 paint rollers, handle, 2 trays
1 scrub brush for cleaning the floor before you start
1 bucket and mop
6-8 jars of chunky glitter, bowl
1 brush for edging
1 gallon of water-based polyurethane varnish, high gloss
Fans, open windows!


Check the video below to see the full instructions. This is really spectacular idea and i love it so .


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