Simply Genius, See How To Make Homemade Electric Motor

We leave in the world of innovations and i’m impressed every time when i see something genius and something that could make our life easier. But did you know that electric motors are one of the most famous inventions in science and technology. This is mostly based on the fact that a very good number of machines or devices that move, use electric motors to achieve that movement. An electric motor converts readily available electrical energy into mechanical energy based on the principles of electromagnetism discovered by Michael Faraday. Motors are used in numerous applications such as aircraft engines, fans, water pumps, and even electric watches. Of course most of the motors used in these applications are high-tech and we normally would not expect to build them at home but there is a cool way to see how all these electric motors work and how the power is created.

In the video below you could see these process all you need are some buckyballs, a copper wire and a AA battery. Take a look below and enjoy.

via graham nash n/a

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