Smart And Helpful Tricks To Reduce the Energy Costs During The Winter

Winter is almost here. With it, the households are starting to feel the cold. And the colder weather outside means bigger costs during the winter to heat the households. The electricity bills are going to increase which means less money for buying other items you need. In this article we are trying to present you some helpful savings tips that will save you money and will keep you warm this winter season. In the article below read how to lower your electricity bills. We are sure this tricks will help you a lot.

Time your heating

If you want to feel warmer when at home, one thing to do is to set the heating timer one hour before you get up in the morning, and one hour after you go for a sleep in the evening. That way you will keep the high temperature over through the whole night.

Switch off

This may seem too easy to do but indeed is a bit harder. Ave you found yourself in a situation to let the lights on even when you leave the room? Well, there are some researches that show that you can save up to 15% on your energy across the year if you switch the lights off every time you leave the room. You will think twice the next time you leave the lights on, right?



Candle-lit evenings

Are you a romantic soul? Here is another reason to light candles the next time and get your home more romantic that will help you also save money on your lightening bills.

Wrap up

Yes, it is winter, and yes you can wear jumper (or even hat and woolly) to feel warmer at home. Does is sound like something your grandma would tell you to help you stay warmer during cold days outside? Well you can practice it at home too, so that you won’t need to turn up the heating if the temperatures are not that low, but is still cool.


Fill your washing machine

N order to keep the cost down you should always put a full load into the washing machine. Also, wash the less dirty clothes on a 30 degrees in order to lower the energy costs.

Use the sun to your advantage

You can also keep the curtains open in sun-exposed rooms so that the room will absorb the heat from the sun during the day. Then, close them in the night to keep the heat in during the cold night.



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