They Covered People With Honey! What It Created? Breathtaking Photos That Everyone Must See

Blake Little is an award winning Los Angeles photographer and he creates really stunning photo project called Preservation. Blake Little photographs his subjects covered in gallons of honey – dripping and shining – captured in amazing moments of movement and stillness. The photos are one of its kind and they are really breathtaking. You must see them. Enjoy in the article below!

It’s shiny and no longer looks like skin

1via Kopeikin Gallery | Blake Little

It looks like a golden statue

2via Kopeikin Gallery | Blake Little

I love the texturing on the front of this one

3via Kopeikin Gallery | Blake Little


4via Kopeikin Gallery | Blake Little

The stillness

5via Kopeikin Gallery | Blake Little

I love how the drops she is shaking from her body are these fluid strands of gold

6via Kopeikin Gallery | Blake Little via diply

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