This Clever Mom Cuts The Tops Off Soda Cans And Creates Stunning Things For Her Home

Dear craft lovers and DIYers this is very impressive video tutorial for all of you. No mather if you want to save money or just you like to make crafts because you love to make this will be so cool inspiration for everyone. You know that the material for your DIY projects are always around you and could be maybe your trash. This is the right tutorial to upcycle soda cans into something brilliant for you home in this case into a DIY colorful herb garden, a silverware caddy, and personalized candle holders.

coce cans DIY
You will only need a can opener, spray paint , then a few other items depending on the creation (such as glue, a metal hole punch, and a paper-wrapped floral wire for the caddy, and tape for the candle holders). Watch how to make this awesome DIY projects and enjoy.


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