This Man Move His IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Into His Bedroom! What He Transforms Them Into Is Absolutely Genius

My friends i’m sure that you all have problems with the storage space at home and probably you are always in searching of a good solution. Maximizing storage without spending too much money and giving up aesthetics is challenge to everyone especially for those who leave in a small spaces. Usually when we talk about storage solution and furniture transformation first that comes in my mind is IKEA i love their items and all IKEA hacks.
Can you imagine that IKEA seven-piece cabinet could be transformed into a platform bed. Yes this is possible and this genius idea is presented in the video below. Perfect solution for anyone with limited closet or attic space, and you’re not really giving up any style either.


Also very important is to know that this will only cost him around $480 USD. So creative and genius watch below and enjoy!

via Chris Heider

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