Tipping Point Reached? London’s Property Market Might Be Unnaffordable Even for Oligarchs

The gentrification of London may have reached a boiling point – even rich people are not able to afford real estate in the area. With all of the tools that are available for creating a proper mortgage, however, many of these people are simply not taking advantage of the tools that they have.

No matter how gentrify the neighborhood may be, there is always a way to work out a plan to make a purchase with a good online mortgage calculator or estimator. Below are just a few of the advantages of having a good idea of the mortgage payments that you will be responsible for before going into your bank.


– First of all, you will have a hard number from which to negotiate.

In previous business generations, only the elite in the real estate industry had the hard numbers about how much a mortgage would really cost. Today these numbers are available freely online. If you are considering a mortgage in the London property market, then you definitely want to have an understanding of the market value of that mortgage.
– Secondly, you will be able to budget yourself month by month and set aside money for other expenses.

There are many other expenses that must be considered with the mortgage – insurance, house furnishings and home maintenance. There are free mortgage calculators that can help you to understand all of these fees; however, most of the time, the only thing that a new homeowner will need is a true indication of how much the mortgage will cost. This number can then be juxtaposed against the income that would be homeowner has currently.

– You will be able to test the waters for different properties in different markets.

The truth is that you may be able to get a similar property in another market. However, you will never know this unless you first understand how much the market value is for the London property market. With these hard numbers in hand, you will be able to compare apples to apples when it comes to real estate in London and outside of the London area.

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