Try These 3 Design Elements In Your Home For A Mediterranean-Influenced Look!

Italian design is widely considered to be the most beautiful and elegant in architecture. When you think of Italian style, you think of stunning arrangements that are unique, specialized and can tell a story. If you want your space to have that kind of individual style that you can’t find anywhere else, you will need to create a modern Mediterranean look. The old-fashioned looks are still used in today’s interior design, but many prefer a more subtle and eye-catching style.

Mediterranean home

Warming Up The Room

The most elegant homes are warm and inviting. A modern look that will make a house from a dull look to Alexander McQueen style will have what they call main focus pieces. Having suitable chairs and furniture will add color and warmth to your room which will gain people’s attention. In particular, leather is soft, supple, and smooth. Buttery leather serves as a starting point as the most substantial piece of the room. Go for miler textures and colors such as solid marble or elegant touches of gold for a stylish feel.

Look Into The Classics

When you want all of the expensive taste of a Versace home, you will want to mix in a few classics. Even the most modern designs have classic twists within them. Adding a traditional piece such as a lamp or rug will change how the room is approached. In particular, try to go back to the forties through the seventies. To be genuinely bold, go back to the beginning of the century, and you will see items that are far more ornate.

Light Is A Key Component

When you think of a house that has all the style of Gucci, consider the lighting. Modern Italian chandeliers are known for making a room breathtaking. They have a centerpiece light that offers amazingly talented artistry and a wonderful blend of craftsmanship and design genius. The newer methods avoid using recessed lighting, and if you love the dimmer look, the light can be made romantic and soft.

Create A Look That Feels Natural

Another critical aspect of a Mediterranean-inspired home is to bring the world outside your home in. Creating a room with a white color scheme with simple touches of blues can make for a soothing place for you to relax. Choosing tall cabinetry as a staple piece will allow the room to feel sophisticated. The white of the walls will also help your area be brighter from outside light and feel airier.

Embrace Open Arches

Instead of using doors, you should embrace arches. Italian style prefers open spaces and softly rounded lines. It is an easy change to adapt to households. Ornate, round mirrors with an arch are another option if you don’t want to change the entrances. You will receive a similar look, but you won’t change the integrity of the home.

Enjoy The Look Of Modern Decadence

When you create an elegant modern look for a beautiful house, focus on the areas above, and you won’t go wrong. You will find that each room stands apart from the others, and tasteful choices will always bring true beauty to your home.

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