Trending 15 Pastel Wall Colors for Your Home’s Interior Design

Pastel colors are identified by soft and peaceful colors. The colors create a sophisticated atmosphere in the room. Pastel colors generally symbolize cleanliness, innocence, openness, hope, and a sense of purity.

Many people are unable to choose the ideal color for painting their walls. As a result, they tend to look for wall painting ideas on social media platforms. But do you know how painting experts choose wall colors for your home design?

pastel wall colors

They choose wall colors based on the design of the house, indoor space, and style. Your preference and personality also influence the selection of pastel wall colors. Here are few ideas for pastel wall colors for your interiors:

1. Paint Your Ceilings with White

To achieve a luxurious, classy, and intimate look, paint your walls with dark shades. For instance, you can choose the dark purple shade for your walls to create a semi-formal living look.

You can add dark wood tables to add an extra depth, while the white ceiling allows the homeowner to relax. Similarly, you can go with dark blue shades, which are best suited for recently bought homes. Indigos, ink, and navy blues are few options that make you feel royal.

2. Try With Pastel Red

Red is a great option. It is a symbol of energy, and it is pretty famous for living rooms where you can activate engaging conversation. If you want a soft, easy, and pleasant feeling in your look, you can experiment with pastel colors like lavender, mint green, and light blues.

You can furnish the room with classy metallic accents so that it does not appear like a baby school. Apart from that, you can include modern wood furniture, handcrafted furnishings, and tables with glass tops.

3. Experiment with Pastel Pink

For painting your master walls, light blues can be an ideal option. It provides a calming and relaxing effect in your room. Accompany your room with a grey headboard design to enhance the look of the room. To create a luxurious and relaxed atmosphere in the room, paint your walls with a light purple shade. Therefore, most families preferred to paint the walls of the kid’s bedroom pink. Many painting experts will suggest you try these colors in your living room.

4. Be Cool with Pastel Lavender

If you want to develop a pleasant atmosphere in your home, it is not necessary to always go with classics. Apply lavender on the walls and see the magic. If you want a warm and sweet interior in your bedroom, lavender can prove to be the best pastel shade.

5. Style with Pastel Blue

If you like to travel to incredible beaches and if you are fond of blue skies, pastel blue can be one of the wise choices to consider. This color does not embarrass anyone. It may be dark or light. The color can make your walls eye-soothing, or it can make the space enjoyable as per your desire.

6. Furnish Your Room with Pastel Green

The tone of the pastel green color is similar to the shade of mint. It accomplishes the job perfectly. This particular color tone has specific characters such as pleasant, refreshing, and appears in the just right way. Even many Vastu consultants advise using this color since it helps promote good health.

7. Try Yellow To Bring Life Into Your Space

Yellow cannot be replaced with any color. It is bright and sunny. It is considered the happiest color of all. So if you like to add a sense of warmth to your room, consider painting your walls with yellow color. These colors can fill your room with light if you have less availability of sunlight.

8. Apply Pastel Orange

The citrus-looking color pops out every time. It creates an organic texture in the living room if it is used ideally. It is not the best choice among the pastel colors for the house.

9. Incorporate Pastel Accent Wall

If you are not fond of applying pastel colors in your living or bedrooms, this can be an alternative way. Pastel colors appear great on accent walls and do the task very well. You do not need to include anything since this color can help add character, color, and style to the existing house without spending much.

10. Use Pastel Wallpaper to Get a Different Vibe

There is no other alternative to pastel paint color except pastel wallpaper. Using wallpaper can help the homeowner to add different layers of paint in a single frame, and you will get to achieve an artistic look.

11. Go with the Lightest Shades

To create a sophisticated vibe in the house, you can go with the lightest shade of grey since they are perfect pastel colors to choose from. Adding grey makes your room modern and elegant as well. And it is the most popular choice for many homeowners around the entire world.

12. Go with Cream

This color plays an important role, and it creates a different impression in the room. For decades, most family members have been using cream colors. Cream colors are applied on the walls and doors as well. This provides a classy look that goes well with any design of the house.

13. Work with Pastel Peach

You may regard it as an uncommon choice, but it turns out beautiful in the bedroom and living room. Consider suggesting your paint experts apply this color and see the difference.

14. Consider Combining Pastel With White

If you want to pop out any pastel color, it is suggested to whitewash your walls before beginning the painting process. You can also play with specific furniture such as a dark yellow table and light wood chair.

A mix with a diminished version of blue with brown will help you obtain a soft brown pastel shade. It is an excellent way to use natural shades to add color to your room.

15. Coordinate With Two Pastels

It is not compulsory to decorate your home with only one pastel. You can start blending two distinct colors together for any space you want. Another method is to incorporate a piece of furniture like a pink sofa to include some diversification to the existing walls.

So, these are the pastel color ideas that you can choose to make your home’s interior absolutely impressive!

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