15 Wonderful Dream Garden Designs

How to turn an ordinary garden into an oasis that you will be able to truly enjoy daily? Landscaping requires a lot of our time, dedication and attention. However, that is exactly the beauty of what we get in the end. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and give your garden a new, fresh look. How you will arrange your dream garden, depends on several factors. Firstly on your taste and needs, and secondly on the size of the space. The ideal dream garden should be beautiful and functional, and in addition to plants, you need to consider paths, seating area, space for flowers, etc… Therefore, a beautiful garden layout, requires good design. Even on a pile of land, can be created an interesting little paradise that will please us all year round.

Decorations For Your Dream Garden

Make sure you place some comfortable seats and a table in the space. If you plan to eat outside, then make the table a little bigger. Otherwise a small table similar to those in the living room is enough. In addition, a rocking chair or bench is a great idea if you have enough space for something like that. Just a few plants that will turn the space in front of the house into a garden full of greenery. The key to success is choosing unique species.

Water brings life to every garden and changes its external features. The most beautiful form of water in the garden is certainly a pond. But with the absence of space we can replace it with some remarkable fountain. Wicker furniture, wooden deck chairs and wooden accessories, and gravel and sand base, will perfectly fit into your dream garden. Stones as details will give your garden a natural look that we can often see in untouched nature. Determine one part (corner) or the center of the garden and create interesting stone decorations. If you have large enough stones, you can stack them and make “natural” stairs. A garden adapted for children and adults should be designed according to their age and needs. It should consists of a wooden terrace with a table, summer pots, sandpit, swing on a tree, hidden places of hedges to hide, wooden benches, colorful flower beds, etc…  In a natural garden, there should be as few paved areas as possible and plants should be brought to the fore. Typical elements are a wooden fence, wooden folding furniture, lawn, pond, gazebo and wild bushes and flowers. Maybe you will make your gardens like this , check out this astonishing dream garden designs  and  think if you like to do the same. Enjoy !!!!

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