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15 Simple Things That You’re Doing Wrong Everyday

We all think that doing the things  like we know, until now, and living our life in routine, is something perfect. Can you imagine that maybe everyday and the whole life you have been doing the things wrong. Just because we’ve been doing something one way for as long as we can remember, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best way. There are some cool hacks that  can help you rethink common activities while saving you time in the process. This can change your life forever. Check out bellow.


An easier way to cut a watermelon to get the most out of it – and to share with many


Wearing bobby pins. The wavy side goes down for maximum hold


Shining patent leather shoes. Instead of buying shoe polish and stuffing it in the back of a drawer where you’ll forget about it, use Windex!


Sleeping. Twisting up like a pretzel might be your usual habit. But you’re ruining your back! For maximum rest and support, try these pro sleep moves



Removing red wine stains


Using aluminum foil and plastic wrap


Eating an apple


 Squeezing the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube. Instead of trying to do it with your bare hands, use a bobby pin!


Peeling a banana


Eating pizza


Removing the green leaves from strawberries


Washing jeans


  • Leeloo

    As if your way was the only right way, ugh, I hate this attitude. I´m gonna do it my way! 😀

  • merriell brown

    How about you stop trying to tell someone that they are doing something wrong as opposed to saying here’s a better and more efficient way of doing whatever??? Who gave you Authority over Life??

  • mechvartliget

    fuck you thats horriblee beebee be
    you evil cunt want to know everything better

    :p 😉

  • victoria suzart

    Relax people 😉 its just an easier and shorter way to say that are better ways of doing things 🙂 dont take it literally 😀 just do it ur way, its nothing wrong 😉

  • Kanou

    maybe when you was child you got hit in your head ?

    • adsgAQDG

      maybe when you were a child you didnt go to school and learn to structure sentences?

      • Yasmine Z

        Or maybe he/she doesn’t really speak English, and that’s the best he/she could do.

  • Andrei.

    you should never eat an apple’s core. all the bacteria, gunk and nasty stuff is gathered in there, and the seeds are bad for your guts, And Windex will actually dry the leather of your shoes and make it brittle after a while so stop being idiots and use shoe polish because that is why it was invented. And for the moron that wrote this, there is liquid shoe polish, nobody uses that canned stuff anymore. So pleas stop being an idiot and inform yourself before trolling people 🙂

    • cprnmo perry

      My hubby uses the canned stuff. Lmao. Of course he’s in his 60’s..

    • Taralyn Rae Domoney

      I use the canned stuff… But of course I’m in cadets…

      • vrslinux

        I prefer canned stuff

  • JohnSMoore

    Jesus Christ!Some people should get their pills in higher doses….

  • Rodrigo Michael Schramm

    Some of those are really great tips, while others, like the pizza, the banana, the apple and the Windex (merchandising much?) are just crappy. Come on, I’m eating pizza, not calzone!

    • sammy

      I think its crap when you ARe given tips like that.

  • Eleanor_Rigby

    I don’t get the wine stain removal one?

    • Zepur

      Me too

      • Magda Sokołowska

        you can remove a red wine stain using white wine instead of salt

  • ogu


  • jpvelasco

    this is ridiculous. -_-

  • jeri

    i dont get the apple part. looks like the same to me

    • Jason Fulton

      its saying that you should eat it from the bottom and eat the core

      • jeri

        eat the seeds? urggg

        • Ilpalazzo

          It’s a trick – Get an axe!

  • cprnmo perry

    I want my two minutes back.

  • Russell Brenzel

    The wine one?

  • Mika Fame

    How about the last one., Washing Jeans. Explain please ahe
    ^_________^V Tia

    • Karma Kurosaki

      i need to know as well because all i saw were jeans in the freezer i think

      • Kaliz Varan

        It removes the smell and kills bacteria just like washing but it doesn’t removes the dye from jeans. Also if you have gum stick to your jeans. After putting them in freezer you can pick those gums off.

  • Ganeesh Kumar

    bitch please!

  • Karma Kurosaki

    I think some of these need more explaining then just saying stuff like “eating apples”


    You can`t eat pizza that way!!!!! if their meant to be eaten that way they should have rolled it before serving it!!!!!

  • Ilpalazzo

    Brought to you by Mohammed Mohammed Al-Jabroni Mohammed.

  • Ana

    it suks

  • why?

  • Vantoro Yudi

    who care anyway…? I just did it how i like to do… LOL