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He Didn’t Have Money To Buy An Apartment and He Bought A Garage, But Look What He Did Inside

When you read garage you thing the main attribute of a garage- the large space that you have available for storing, either your car or other things. But have never thought that this could be a cozy place for living. To buy a place or apartment for living would be very very expensive but if you find a garage and a good architects that could make the place like you want this could be very cheaper choice. French architects at Fabre | de Marien managed to completely transform a 41 sqm garage located in Bordeaux into a welcoming living space with a total cost of 35 000 euros. To give you an idea about your future garage-apartment and a bit of inspiration, take a closer look at the images below. Giving the garage a new use meant, that the owner could use a piece of its own property without having to invest in extra space. The place looking spectacular, cozy and it has a completely equipment for all needs. Take a look this stunning interior design. Enjoy!












Before Photos




  • Brian Brian

    That is fantastic

  • Tia2591

    Such a shame that in some countries this kind of things is illegal.

    • Darren

      I agree. There is a huge movement in Tiny Homes at the moment but much opposition at the same time. Homelessness could be drastically reduced with the implementation of this kind of design in spaces that would otherwise be under-utilised.

      • Tia2591

        In Italy we have a lot of old and new buildings left to rot, and builders still take new plot of land to build new houses. Tiny Homes like this are a good thing, but we also can retrieve and restore a lot of existing buildings which are not garages.

        • Darren

          There are a lot of beautiful old buildings, with character that have been left to rot in Italy and in France, Portugal and Spain. Maybe I am sentimental but I wish all these buildings could be saved and re-used.

  • Bruna Castor

    He “didn’t” have money.

    • MommyOf4

      correction: he “didn’t have the money to buy an APARTMENT” – apartment = 168 000 euros (unfinished), while garage = 35 000 euros (completely remodeled/furnished). Nobody said this person was a homeless, penniless beggar – just that he didn’t have enough to purchase a traditional dwelling and furnish it.

      • Alzera Delacroix

        so he really was planning to “buy” an apartment not “rent” it thats why its expensive?

        • Shawna Ginther

          Yes. Rentals are a North American concept. Europe does not rent. Rentals are for hotels rooms or for bed and breakfasts.

          • Boekenutje Nathalie Devriendt

            Not true! I live in Belgium, Europe. I rent, lots of people rent. We even have social housing for people with low income. Only people with a steady job/income can afford to buy a house. So we’re not that different when it comes to housing 🙂

          • trey budapest


          • GIm BIS

            Fucking retard, if you don’t know, just shut your lil bitch mouth ! EVERYBODY IN EUROPE DOES RENT ! I bet you are a fucking retarded murican which never visited Europe and so everything you know is “ololol invented by murica”… you fucking disgust me, leave the internet moron !

  • Boy_Titig

    how on earth?

    • MommyOf4

      3 words: Very. Talented. Architect(s).

  • Secret

    Where did the money for the furniture come from if he “didn’t have money”.

    • MommyOf4

      There’s a post in an earlier reply that shows actual price difference. 41 sqm garage located in Bordeaux with a total cost of 35 000 euros, purchase price for a small apartment (29sqm – 1 room/1 bedroom) also in Bordeaux with a cost of 168 000 euros. TOTAL cost, mind you. That 35 000 euros was AFTER renovating, if you read the article carefully. If he’d bought a tiny apartment, he wouldn’t have had enough money to do so – let alone furnish it. This was a fraction of the cost (completed and furnished) as opposed to unfurnished. There is also no time frame attached to the story, so we have no idea how long it took to complete, let alone to decorate (though it’s quite minimalist, so there’s not a lot of wasted money on frivolous fluff-n-stuff).

  • Valentin Miron

    Designer/Arhitect level 99 i love it!

  • MangaReader

    If he has the money to re-decorate it then why in the world doesn’t he have money to buy a house….?

    • Rodfire

      bcos a house is more expensive

      • MangaReader

        acha, what you are saying is practically you can re-model a house with highly expensive looks and things where as you can’t afford to buy a house and live a life with normal things…?

        • Rodfire

          he, remodeled a garage, try finding a house worth 35 000 euros goodluck

    • Darren

      Purchase and remodeling of a garage in Bordeaux, total cost = 35,000 Euros. Purchase of a small apartment (29 m² of habitable surface, 1 room, 1 bedroom) in Bordeaux, total cost = 168,000 Euros.

      Does this answer your question?

  • I’m confused. Where did the money and freedom to do this come from?

    • MommyOf4

      *smack my head* go back to the oldest posts and read the replies. Nowhere does this article say he was a homeless, penniless beggar – just that he “didn’t have enough money to buy an apartment”. Apartment = 168 000 euros (unfurnished). Garage = 35 000 euros (completely remodeled and furnished). Note the obvious difference. Confusion alleviated?

      • Okay, so he had money for a garage. I’m still confused and wondering where the freedom to live in a garage came from. Aren’t we not suppose to be free like that?

        • Adie

          lol. what a lol. Thank you u deserves an upvote

  • 26516ac

    I am amazed, did not realise that garages were as large as that, did they park trucks in there ?

  • Menaribo

    Remodeling this garage costs as much as buying a new apartment.
    The title is wrong and aims only at attracting readers. We will later know that it was done by a designer who CHOSE this kind of residence and NOT by lack of money.

  • DMShelley

    I don’t see how he vented the toilet. Also, in the US, you cannot live in a garage, it is not considered a domicile.

  • Jad

    So where does he park his car?

  • BC Homeless