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It May Look Like A Regular Coffee Table, But What This Student Creates, More Impressive Than That

The creativity has no limits and once more we can prove you that with sharing one incredibly amazing project. By the way American high school student created an exclusive coffee table with the effect of infinite well and posted a net photo report and instructions for assembly. This table was made for a school project but you wouldn’t think so when you see the end product.
Just you will think that this is a normal regular table but when you will see in the photos below the final product and result you will be definitely very impressed. Check below the photos of this cool project and enjoy!


First he started by putting together the top of the table


He built a frame around the table top for make the space for the most impressive part of this project


Attached the legs


First Look at What it Will Look Like



 Darker stain helped bring out the unique characteristics of the wood


Time to start installing the electronics.


He added a mirror to the bottom of the table


A string of LED lights were added around the edges of the table


Once the LED lights were installed, he added a two-way mirror to the top


And here’s the completed table!


And  here is the most impressive part – the lights are on – so Amazing

11source 12source 13source 14source    via viralnova

  • awesome||||

  • Pratik Mishra

    This guy has got some talent. Well done. Would definitely like to own one of these tables.

  • Jacqueline Fisher

    I’d buy one. Omg I’d love a wall frame like that.

  • Does that need special kind of wood or it’s just talent that works there? I was thinking of doing same thing with teak wood. Do that works there?

    • Marc Vellekoop

      Oh no, not just any wood works. You need special coated reflective table wood. It’s hard to get but makes an awesome table! And by the way, you don’t need talent.

  • Great work!

  • Thumbs up!


  • Dennis Gutowski

    Very cool table. Atrocious, amazingly bad English.

  • Maybe mention the dude’s name so he can enjoy the hundreds of thousands of views this is getting?

  • Mikeyfex

    Class table. Maybe pick up the tissues around your bin if you’re taking a photo in your living room. The table’s not THAT nice, buddy.

  • Ingrid

    He’s Norwegian though. Get your facts straight!