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Interesting Facts About Beautiful Starfish

Starfish belong to a group of marine animals called echinoderms and it is not actually fish. Starfish is known as sea star as well, which is more logical name for it. Sea Stars live in all oceans around the world and the largest population of it can be found in Indian and Pacific Oceans. They are mostly located in the …

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Perfect Tree Houses For Nature Lovers

Tree Houses are very popular among children because when they are in their wooden tree houses they enter in a different world, in their own imagined world and became what they want. Children play games up there, but what could adults do there? There are lot of things that grown ups can do in the tree house. They can read, …

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Many  times we saw the incredible skill of nature to create true masterpieces, so just one more in a series of stunning lake located in the National Park Jiuzhaigou in China. It is a lake where the water is so crystal clear that many do not even believe that such a view is indeed, so often decide to visit the …

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