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This Man Started With These Knotted Slabs Of Wood And Then Transformed Them Into Something Unique And Beautiful

Many times i have told you that i ‘ m so impressed of the creativity of some people. Always when i see some creative idea or unique and amazing project i want to share with whole world and to let everyone know that there is a lot of creativity around us. Washington-based woodworker Greg Klassen is one of those talented and creative people that makes me happy.. Taking his inspiration from the Pacific Northwest, Mr. Klassen creates one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that both awe and inspire people from all around the globe. This creative men has been featured in several reputable magazines from all around the world. Take a look below and see the beautiful furniture that he has created. Enjoy!


River Divided

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The Workshop

A simple coffee table takes anywhere from 50 to 100 work hours. I think it’s safe to say that Mr. Klassen spends a lot of time out here.

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Picking The Right Wood

Mr Klassen hand-picks each piece of wood from fallen trees near his workshop; only about 20% of the wood he sees makes the final cut.


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You Gotta Love What You Do

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Global Success

This beauty of a table was purchased from someone in Fukuoka, Japan! Mr. Klassen’s pieces are being ordered by people from all over the globe. What an accomplishment!

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Grayscale River Table

A subtle departure from his typical work, Mr. Klassen chose a smoke-gray glass for this piece instead of the blue glass he typically uses. It’s a great look for the super-modern home.

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Cedar Lake Table

Made from a hollowed cedar trunk, this table has great textures and natural colors

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Using Imperfections

Mr. Klassen plays off the wood’s imperfections rather than hiding them. This is what gives his pieces such great character.

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Before And After

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Live Edge

eaving the natural live edge on this piece definitely makes this table unique and one-of-a-kind.

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Breathtaking Beauty

This image is breathtaking. I love how the shadows from the wood creates a canyon-looking effect

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Elliptical Shape

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