She Covers The Ironing Board With A Tin Foil! The Reason? Absolutely Amazing!

The aluminium foil is one of the most incredible and genius household products. Usually it is used in the itchen but there are also some other genius uses that will make our life easier. For example it can boost your ironing process.
Brenda, a.k.a the “Ironing Board Queen” visits Dr. Oz to show viewers how to save some serious time ironing your clothes.
Simply remove the fabric cover on the ironing board. Then, stretch a long sheet of aluminum foil across the ironing board, and put the fabric cover back on top. With all that heat reflection, you end up ironing out the wrinkles on both sides of your clothing, all at once. Since it’s such a thin piece of metal, aluminum foil is a great thermal conductor. It radiates at such a high speed that it quickly cools off.


Check out the video below. Enjoy! How To Speed Up Ironing Using Aluminum Foil


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