10 Amazing Products With Useful Hidden Functions

Dear friend these are the really useful innovations below.These products are amazing and they have more than one function. I’m so impressed of this genius inventions. The people are genius. Take a look below and enjoy!

1.This sneaky phone case that will let you take photos with your phone pointed down.

zk 1 source

2.This hair clip that has seven different tools built into it.

zk 4 source

3.This flask with a hidden collapsible shot glass so you can always get the perfect measure.

zk 7 source

4.This banana that is actually an umbrella. Surprise?

zk 10 source

5.This cooler that unzips and folds into a small table.

zk 11 source

6.This mitten that is totally not a flask.

zk 12 source

7.This bike seat that is also a bike lock.

zk 13 source

8.This pillow that has a hidden pocket.

zk 14 source

9.This coffee table that rises to the occasion.

zk 17 source

10.Looks like a regular dictionary, right? WRONG! It’s actually a safe.

zk 20

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