12 Brilliant Kitchen Hacks That Will Make You Better Cook

Probably the most of you are living the same life like me. It seems like we are always busy and it is really hard to prioritize the things that happen everyday. Cooking and meal preparation is must for the most of us and it seems like we are doing this like our routine and we never try to same some time on that.
But dear friend thankfully to some useful hacks the cooking can be much more easier, it can save you some time and even these hacks will make you better cook. Take a look below and enjoy!

1.Check the freshness of an egg by placing it in a glass of water

zl 1 source

2. Soften a stick of butter quickly with a heated glass

zl 2 source

3.Dry leftover fresh herbs by microwaving them for 1 minute

zl 3 source

4.Create a disposable funnel by cutting the corner off an envelope.

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5.Prevent a mixing spoon from falling into a bowl full of food by attaching a rubber band

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6.Peel boiled eggs easily by putting a lemon wedge in the boiling water.

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7.Get thinly sliced meat easily by freezing the protein 10-15 minutes before slicing.

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8.Cooking spray can also stop cheese from sticking to a grater

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9.Cut the soaking time for dried beans by microwaving them for 15 minutes

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10.Marinate and tenderize steak with coffee grounds.

zl 10 source

11.Shred chicken and pork with your KitchenAid.

zl 11 source

12.Coat measuring cups and spoons with cooking spray to use every last drop of an ingredient.

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