10 Gift Ideas For A Newborn Baby

Gifting a newborn baby could be fun but also challenging to arrive at the right gift. You have to put into consideration the purpose of the gift, it’s applicability and affordability. Are you looking for something that will last for a couple of years or do you just want a temporary gift? You need to pick something that will be of interest to the new born baby as well as a great play value. Equally, a gift with educational elements can be perfect for a new born baby.

newborn gift idea

Growth Chart

A growth chart can be a brilliant gift for both the baby and parents for it’s multi-purpose nature. It can serve as a nice backdrop for photographs and provides a canvas where parents can mark to indicate the baby’s growth. A growth chart is a long term, therefore, ensure it’s of good and sustainable quality.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags can help keep babies warm any time of the day and in any weather. They remain intact even with the tossing and turning ensuring the baby’s sleep is not interrupted. You can choose to gift a new born baby a cozy sleeping bag to improve and prolong their sleeping hours.

Play Mat

You can find a well-designed play mat for the newborn to lie on. Choose a mat with diverse details that can amuse and interest the child.

Wooden Name Puzzle

A wooden name puzzle is among the gifts with educational value that can be gifted to new born babies. It helps teach letters and names to both young and older children. A newborn will adore seeing their name in the puzzle and this gift can be a lifetime keepsake. It also helps instigate curiosity and enhance the child’s esteem in various ways.

Play Gym

Play gyms are essential in the developmental process of infants hence a great gift idea for a newborn. Find a gym that caters for several developmental zones and can sustain the baby for a while. It comes with guide for different ages and stage appropriate activities.

Memory Book

A beautifully crafted memory book provides a place for parents to remember precious moments in the baby’s life.

Portable Diaper Bag

New born babies need to have diapers accessible at almost every moment. A diaper bag is therefore a helpful gift to a newborn baby. Find one that has enough room for the various sanitary needs of the baby. Preferably one with an inbuilt diaper changing pad and can be easily strapped to the waist.


A pair of socks made with anti-slip, non-skid technology can provide extra protection when the baby starts to cruise around the house.

Baby Boy Clothes

There is a variety of baby boy clothes that you can gift a new born baby. They range from pajamas to nice pairs of trousers. You can also buy swim suits or nice under garments for the little one.

A Mirror

Newborn babies like to admire themselves in mirrors. You can gift a baby a mirror to keep them entertained from time to time

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