10 Magical Harry Potter Inspired Gifts That Are Actually Perfect For Valentine’s Day

As the holiday of love is approaching we have decided to give you a little inspiration and ideas for gifts that will make a pleasant surprise for your loved ones.
If you want to be unique than you definitely need to choose one of these. Take a look below and grab some clever idea. Be awesome on these lovely holiday and enjoy!

1.Set of precious pencils

ky 1 source

2.Bouquet of roses made from book pages

ky 2 source

3. “Be My Harry Potter Valentine” heart-shaped box and matching card

ky 3 source

4.“Always” book fold

ky 4 source

5.Ron and Hermione bracelet

ky 5 source

6. Pint glass and/or wineglass set

ky 6 source

7. Couples pillowcases

ky 7 source

8.An adorable Dobby card

ky 8 source

9.“Always” heart necklace

ky 9 source

10.Dumbledore-inspired mug

ky 10 source


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