10 Super Smart And Super Useful Clothing Tips That You Wish To Know

Dear we all need tips and hacks and sometimes when we see how easy it can be and when we can get fixed a lot of problems on the easiest way we always said “How i never heard about that’.
Just for that reason and just for that we want to give you always best ideas that will make your life easier. Check below these 10 ideas that are super useful and that you should know it. Enjoy!

How to break in your shoes in less than 2 minutes


With a mixture of vinegar and cold water you can scrub water stains off of leather


Use white wine to remove stain from red wine on your clothes


If you do not like to use iron then this is great substitute


Brighten up a pair of shoes

77Use a baking soda mixture with a detergent to brighten up a pair of shoes.  Apply it with a toothbrush to scrub stubborn areas.

Prevent a run in your tights getting worse by painting the edges with clear nail polish

6It is a very easy simple and very useful tip just paint the edges of the rip with clear nail polish.

Stretch out tight shoes by placing a bag of water in each and leaving them in the freezer overnight


Freezing Raw Denim – The Alternate Cleaning Solution


Dry your clothes using a salad spinner


To remove oil stains, apply talcum powder to the area and leave it overnight


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