12 Budget Friendly DIY Ways To Make Your Home Look More Expensive

We all want to make changes to our homes and to make it more awesome place for living. Making a refreshment to your home can be fun, easy and cheap if you follow our suggestion in this post. So now we want to present you one cool and budget friendly ways to make your home look more expensive and first of all, modern. This upgrades will definitely change the whole look of your home and definitely will make your home look more modern and expensive. . Take a look at  the presented pictures below and find your favourite one. Enjoy!

Add a frame to your bathroom mirror


Apply stainless steel paint to your old white fridge

2 2-1 source

Cover an Ugly Return Air Vent


Add colorful yarn tassels to your bedding


Creating A Faux Carriage Garage Door


Paint Your Vinyl floors


Use tab curtains to cover up messy storage


Add a gold tape or paint your old fridge for a modern look


Make an old air vent look like new again


Light switches will look way better if you add some inexpensive photo frames around them


 Strip off the old stain and apply a nice new stain


Hide wire clutter with a shower rod


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Özge başak
9 years ago

These pics are amazing. i will share them on my blog here:


Gigi Dundas
Gigi Dundas
9 years ago

So shocked that I haven’t seen any of these on multiple other pages, kudos to the author for finding their own stuff to post. Now, of course these will all be ripped from here and end up on over 50 other list sites.

9 years ago

DON’T EVER paint any floor that gets walked on regularly especially with regular house paints! The paint will scuff and degrade very quickly. It will look good for about a month but after that you will end up having to strip it to get a smooth surface again before repainting. there are floor paints on the market, however they are not cheap and will still degrade much faster than other types of floor covering.

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