10 Surprisingly Brilliant Hacks To Keep Your Car Clean And Organized

Dear we know that you love your car and we understand the need of keeping it clean and organized but somehow this was not going good in my situation and i have made efforts to find some useful hacks that could help me.
I was surprised when i have tried a few of them and immediately want to share it with you.
There is absolutely brilliant list below from the most impressive hacks that will always keep your car clean and organized. Take a look below and enjoy!

1.Wipe down the interior of your car with a coffee filter

Their lint-free material is perfect for dusting dashboards!

ez 1 source

2.Create backseat pockets with a shoe organizer

Thread heavy cords or zip ties through the top holes to keep the organizer in place.

ez 2 source

3.Get dead bugs off your grille with dryer sheets

ez 3 source

4.Open a frozen car lock by adding a few drops of hand sanitizer to your key

The alcohol in the hand sanitizer will melt the ice in your lock.

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5.Pry open a key ring with a staple remover.

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6.Catch cup-holder crumbs and spills with silicone cupcake liners

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7.Make your own air freshener by applying 5-10 drops of essential oil onto a clothespin.

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8.Dust A/C vents with a foam craft brush

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9.Organize all the oil and fluids you need for a road trip in a shower caddy

ez 9 source

10.Keep loose change easily accessible with an empty gum container.

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