11 Reasons You Should Never Shop Online Again

Sometimes people who work on marketing and product promotions are telling lies just to have bigger sales and this is not good. This is common when you shop online and this is the reason why you should be more careful. Check bellow 11 unforutante people who didi not what they ordered online.

1. It’s probably best to just avoid ordering anything at all tbh.

vg 1 source

2.Even when the size is right the pattern might not be what you expected.

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3.Clothes are an entirely different beast.

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4.Online shopping is pretty great, but it also comes with some negatives.

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5.It’s impossible to tell what exactly you’re getting.

vg 6 source


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7.A huge problem with online shopping is the inability to see the size.

vg 13 source

8.They can’t grasp the internet at the best of times.

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9.Even when you do get flowers, they can look different than what they did on the website.

vg 16 source

10.Because the last thing you want is a bouquet of spring onions when you ordered geraniums.

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11.When you can’t see what you’re getting, you have to really trust the seller.

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