12 Attention-grabbing suggestions for gifts to surprise your cool friends

It’s very special and nice feeling when we give gifts and when we have good grounds for it. But sometimes it even better would be the feeling if we surprised with a gift of a loved one without having any particular reason.

Each of us is happy and feel  comfortable when  getting gifts. Is there any special occasion, birthday, holiday or etc…, the receiving of a gift is always welcome and the gift is a wonderful gesture that show attention to a nearby person. Sometimes choosing a gift is easy and simple. Go to the nearest store and the choice is resolved, packaged and is in the hands of the person to whom we want to present. But sometimes we just have no idea what we can give away, and therefore to pleasant  surprise someone with a gift that would be extraordinary, special and carefully selected for that special person.

Surprise your cool friends with cool gift made by yourself. Express your ability and talent and do something interesting and unique to them.If you are looking for an idea for a gift that will surprise someone in your family it is time to see the next 12 gift ideas that you can easily and without much effort to do it yourself, which would be original in choosing a gift.

1. DIY Map Votive ornament

g 1source

2. DIY Colorful Bracelets

g 2source

3. DIY Customized candles

g 3source

4. Ice Cream Sandwich Cell Phone Cases

g 4source


g 5source

6. DIY Colorful Cups

g 6source

7. DIY starburst mirror

g 7source

8. DIY Grocery Bag

g 8source

9. DIY Paper Photo Frame

g 9source

10. DIY Sweet Candy curb

g 10source

11. DIY Easy Tape Vase

g 11source

12 DIY Bookmark gifts

g 12source

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