16 Hit Precious Stone Manicure Ideas for This Season

And finally summer is already arrived with all its beauties and we feel it in the air. It is perfect time to express joy and the rebirth of nature. Everything around us is colorful and green, so should be and our fantastic nail art designs.

New season, new nails, new you-all in the summer spirit! This time we present you the latest nail art design trend and hit for this season, inspired by summer-nails as precious stones! This kind of manicure is set in stone. However it sounds the effect of this result looks sensational and glamorous.  There are numerous and plentiful variations how stones could be featured and polished. The marble nail art design and the mineral looking are incredibly eye catching. Using different kind of techniques, colors and designs give away picture for particular attractive and fascinating marble nail polish design.  From turquoise, rock blue, green tea, purple colored nails to awesome end of dark or bright gemstone looks to cool down your nails and yourself too.

Take a look in our selection of this 16 stone manicure ideas that will be trending this season and find the most brilliant one for you.

1. Turquoise Stone

n 1source

2. Granite Nail Designs

n 2source

3. Tutorial Stone Marble Nail Polish

n 3source

4. Nude stone

n 4source

5.  Gold Turquoise stone nails

n 5source

6. Colorful Marble Nail Tutorial

n 6source

7. Hunger games nails

n 7source

8. Totally stoned

n 8source

9. Silver gemstone nail polish

n 9source

10. White stone marble nails

n 10source

11. Dry-marbled nails

n 11source

12. Purple Stone Nails

n 12source

13. Blue day Nails

n 13source

14. Rock manicure design

n 14source

15. Fabulous Marbled Nails

n 15source

16. Stoned nails with Japanese detail

n 16source

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